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We are happy to finally announce that a new and larger DLC is coming to Cloudbuilt very soon! Here is some info and 4 screenshots, but more is coming soon!

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We are happy to finally announce that a new and larger DLC is coming to Cloudbuilt very soon!

Compared to the previous DLC this one is more elaborate and much more substantial, including larger and more diverse levels, new mechanics, enemies, story, skins as well as a new game mode and a new ending.

We have spent the last few months working on this in secret and are now very excited to finally start talking about it and show you all what we have in store. We will post updates with new info and screenshots from the DLC every day till the release and we hope you soon will be as excited as we are!

We have a bit to chat up as we have already started posting on some other sites, so here is 3 posts in one day:

New level and new theme:

This level is surrounded in an ominous green fog, falling leaves and rotting foliage, not quite as cozy as the lush overgrown ruins from last time. You better stay on your toes as you traverse these treacherous structures, enemies can lurk behind every corner.

New level and new theme

New Enemy: Pulse Core

What are these mysterious orbs? They don't look very menacing. They only follow a fixed path and are in no way aggressive. They don’t even deal damage to you if you touch them, instead they throw you away, which to be fair, can be just as deadly.

New Enemy: Pulse Core

There is also their cousin, the Pulse Gate, but as it’s static and totally predictable, it’s not much of an enemy, maybe rather a tool?

New Enemy?: Pulse Gate

New level and new theme:

The vines and grass don’t seem to thrive in the light of this red moon, but these flowers are doing remarkably well.
This level will be far from a walk in the park, but if you got time to stop and look around you can get a pretty nice view.

New Level and New Theme

That is all for now!
Thanks for cheing it out stay tuned for more news soon!

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