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Enable users/testers to play games on any computer, with high graphics - No matter if it's on Mac, Linux of Windows. All it requires is a solid internet connection.

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We recently launched our new cloud gaming service ( as alpha and have received really good feedback over the first two weeks. But to our surprise, a number of users contacted us and asked if Snoost was compatible with this-or-that new Indie game, so that’s why we wanted to share it here.

Cloud Gaming is a great way for fans of some indie games, to try out a game they’ve wanted to play for a while - for instance if they have a Mac or Linux, and the game is only made for PC, or if they simply don’t have a computer that is powerful enough. Although some indie games are developed and released for all platforms, even while in pre-alpha stage, there are still many who are only available for Windows, making cloud gaming a good way to expose the game to Mac and Linux users, and thus reach a big audience of users which could otherwise not buy and try the game.

Snoost is currently available in the U.S. and Europe, but we’re definitely looking into covering more areas in the future. It’s still an alpha and we’re quite new, so there will probably a lot of improvements and changes over the coming months. However, we’re really committed to making this a great and affordable solution for users wanting to try out games that their computer cannot smoothly run.

It does require an internet connection of at least 20 MB/s, but there is a 3 day trial so people can test if their internet connection is strong enough before proceeding to buy a game and play it over Snoost.

We’ve tested cloud gaming with Snoost for a lot of pre-alpha games (incl. The Forest, Subnautica, Day Z, ARK and many more), and none have so far been an issue to play, so we really hope this can help some gamers play more games, and developers reach more gamers to help test out their game(s) during alpha or test phases.

Enjoy! :)

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