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Closed Pre-Alpha of Empyrion has launched. New Update 1.0.4 is available on Steam. Screenshots of builds from private testers.

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Hi everyone!

The new update (Pre-Alpha 1.0.4) with a lot of improvements and bug fixes is now live on Steam (please note that 1.0.3 was an internal build only). Check it out an tell us what you think.
We are planning to conduct several surveys very soon in order to obtain specific feedback from you about different game elements.

We also would like to show you some of the awesome builds of our private testers (for those of you who participate in the Closed Alpha, you might have seen some of them already).

The capital vessel "TCES Hyperion" - around 280m long:

and the "MSS Galileo"

The ground vehicle "Gator":

A base on the top of the mountain on Ningues:

Base on Omicron:

Here is the Changelog for Pre-Alpha 1.0.4:

  • Added possibility to open doors manually (via T) even without power
  • In multiplayer when leaving / entering planet alone (i.e., not everyone on board), 2 warning messages appear before player is killed (to prevent leaving playfield alone)
  • Added new feature for GV/SV: Slow downward motion when player exits cockpit
  • Added new feature for GV: gently lands when power is switch off
  • Added growing stages for: Tomato, Wheat, Corn, Pumpkin (i.e., plants do not disappear anymore when harvested).
  • Added underwater sound
  • Added wheat sprout to Creative Menu
  • Added “Artificial Indoor Plant” as a template in Survival
  • Added possibility to toggle spotlights on/off in SV / GV via F key
  • Added sound when block is rotated
  • Added some more NPC sounds
  • Added new cockpit for CV
  • Added sound effects for on-screen messages


  • Set graphics API detecting to automatic back: DX9 should still be recognized, if you experience problems let us know
  • Reduced size of Planetary Atmosphere Effect
  • Added textures to cockpit with missing interior texture
  • Increased occurrence of Egg Plant (-> Energy Pills) and Scaly Pods (Eggs -> Cooking)
  • Improved issue that rockets hit own SV when flying with full speed (temporarily reduced max speed from 110m/s to 90m/s in space and increased speed of rockets)
  • Rotated clouds on planet (seen from space) so that seems on top is not seen.
  • Check for item pickup and error msg if inventory is full.
  • Added more / different NPC sound
  • Plants continue to grow and constructor continues to produce when leaving planet
  • Added LOD groups for different items (e.g. stairs, cargo boxes, elevator, etc)
  • Adjusted Lighting for Planet LOD0 Clouds
  • Sound settings, mouse sensitivity setting, etc are saved now


  • Added large rocket (160mm) for Turret CV
  • .50 Caliber instead of 9mm Bullet
  • Changed several preview icons
  • Smaller atmosphere on distant planets.
  • Smoother transition between day and night side on planet LOD0/1 in space
  • Made night side slightly brighter on planet LOD0 in space
  • Added more info to certain items (e.g. Energy Pills, Coffee, etc)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that sometimes dragged items are hidden behind grid slots
  • Fixed textures sometimes disappearing on terrain.
  • Fixed several constructor bugs
  • Fixed constructor exploit
  • Fixed issue with Ion Cannon placement
  • Fixed problem that Spinosaurus did not attack frontally but slightly diagonal
  • Fixed problem that the planetary gravity does not influence SV if not powered
  • Fixed Layering of Atmosphere Effects while Exiting Planet
  • Fixed problem with GV flying up into sky when passenger in multiplayer presses Y (i.e., power on)
  • Fixed bug that terrain could be removed in Creative Mode with RMB
  • Fixed issue with not moving flare on Sentry Turrets

For the next version 1.0.5, we will focus on the planet/space transition in order to make it overall faster and smoother.



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