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We've been operating in the shadows for way too long! We are rapidly approaching a good point with the Intersect Engine to start some closed beta testing so that we can start fixing bugs while we finish programming the last major features!

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Welcome to the Intersect Engine!

Being our first article I want to talk a little about our project, what it is, and where we are with it. Intersect is a 2D online role playing game engine written in C#.

Right now RPG Maker is the industry standard for a creation toolkit like this one but they are strictly meant for single player creations. We used to be very active with the Eclipse engines written in VB6 but those are so dated they are not fun to work with. This attempts to fill the gap by bridging modern development ideas and features with a modern language and code base.

We intend to have a fully functional game creation suite in the end. This means you will be able to create a game with no programming background whatsoever but complete access to the source code just in case.

Intersect is already packed with many features. Our editing suite is up to par, you can arrange it however you would like and it contains all the features users love. (Undo/Redo/Tile preview/etc)

Our game client is extremely flexible, and attempts to provide the best player experience as possible.

Other features include cool tricks that have been rarely seen in the past, check out the Z layering effects Joe designed.

Over the next several weeks we will post engine updates and talk about all of the features our engine has to offer! We will also be posting online applications to sign up for our closed beta where you can experience this engine before everyone else and help us debug before release!

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