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Miner Wars Closed beta testing running. Players may still apply. We also have a new patch and started a new logo design competition.

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Dear space shooter fans,

First of all I would like to thank all the people that are giving us this much support in our project. We are very proud to announce that our start of the closed beta went almost flawlessly. We have started to work closely with about 50 beta testers and are receiving bug reports and all kinds of suggestions on regular basis. People are playing and discussing lively about the game and were loving it.

All the feedback that the testers are giving us having a big impact on the game development as we are closely listening to all of our fans. Its a game for the players after all.

We still have some beta testing places open, but because of the enormous interest the current open places are beginning to grow thin. We urge all the people interested to join the closed beta testing to apply using the rules in this forum thread:

Furthermore we would like to announce that as of this day were starting a new competition to create a logo of our engine VRage. This engine is what powers Miner Wars. VRage engine supports a dynamic full destructible environment. VRage will be made available to all Indie development teams in the future for modest price levels. We would like it to become a tool of young studios that want to create new original titles.

These are the basic rules of the competition:

As of this day were going to post the newest game improvements on our news site. These are the latest release patch notes. Were only going to display the patch highlights. Detailed patch notes with bug fixes wil be made available only to closed beta testing participants.

- Zoom
- Harvester device tweaked
- Drill - only experimental
- New player controlled ship - RIGJ - parameters and physics unfinished
- Following is just an experiment, to see how people react to it:
- Auto-leveling OFF by default
- Afterburner ON by default

Newest patch is going live today at cca 17:00 pm GMT. Only those that participate in the closed beta will be able to test it!

Thank you for supporting us and stay tuned for more changes and announcements.

Your Miner Wars Team

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