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Ok, so I just want to know how many people would pay 5 bucks to play the game while its in alpha, $5 as a reduced price.

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So my idea for Dead Year, is to have it distributed in the same style as minecraft, in alpha it will be 66% off, then in beta 33% off, then full price at release. I would also like to know if people would prefer Desura, Steam, or Independant (I will distribute from my site)? Steam will require a greenlight, but I have confidence that people will enjoy Dead Year on greenlight. Desura is pretty much ready to go, I just need to add some more media, as well as prepare the first Alpha build.

Speaking of alpha build, I am purchasing the full version of my engine, enabling me to produce more content for the game, and release better updates! This is the reason I want to charge $$ in Alpha, because the engine isn't exactly cheap, and I would like to make up for the money I have lost. If you want access to the Closed Alpha, you will need to purchase the launcher over at my site, listed on the right-hand side of this page. If the link still says gofundme, just wait a day or too for me to finish the site, then I will change the link.

If you are a youtuber, and would like to have access to the closed alpha for your channel, email me at and put "Dead Year Youtube" in the subject line, and we will talk about possibly getting you a free copy of Dead Year?

I will continue to release free DEMOS, but to get the full experience you will need to give up 5 bucks.

Apologies if this upsets some people, but I would rather not lose money making a game, but going even would be a better deal.

If you have a Youtube channel, and would like to make a series on my game, but cannot afford to buy it, you can request a youtuber version HERE

Don't think I'm only making this game for the money since I posted this. I am making this game for the experience, and because it is a fun experience for me.

I think I have rambled on to much,



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