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Version 1.29 of Clones is the best ever including experimental support for LAN co-op on singleplayer puzzles!

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One of the requests we had from players since launch was the ability to team up and play the singleplayer puzzles in co-op style. We had long been planning a new game mode named "Super Synergy" which which players would have to team up to control multiple groups of Clones at once, each with a different set of Morphs to use. This would require designing levels specific to this game mode.

However, since Clones was designed as a multiplayer game from the beginning we realized that with a few minor tweaks we could simply allow multiple players to join the same group during a singleplayer match and work together to solve the puzzle. We support per-level leaderboards and playing co-op should give a time advantage since two bunches of clones can be controlled at the same time, meaning that if you want the #1 rank for a given puzzle it's wise to partner up with a buddy and go for gold! :)


Just before releasing the 1.29 patch we were thinking about how to make it easier for players on the same group to work efficiently and came up with the idea that players on the same group should be able to see each others mouse cursor. This provides a non-verbal way to communicate intent and we really feel it will increase the fun factor of competitive team-play.

Here is a full list of changes in 1.29:

New Features
- Experimental support for LAN co-op singleplayer puzzles.
- Co-op teammate mouse position (multiplayer and singleplayer).
- Decoherence detection in Quantum Loop mode.
- Experimental support for n00b mode game option.
- Experimental support for super mold game option.
- Scoreboard for Capture The Clone indicates if a Star Clone is near an exit.
- Lop prediction toggle (bind key from options menu).
- New Mold tutorial level (with one hard to reach Qdot)
- Ice Climb from demo included with Gofo in full game.

- Better edge select for clones on wrapped levels.
- Smaller highlight arrow for teammate clone selection.
- No stamping during a CloneStats match.
- Updated Wattson's final battle.
- Increased morph count max to 195.
- Improved Quantum Loop pregame/postgame GUI.
- Camera only follows Light Clones if they move.
- Global keybindings (screenshot, fullscreen, etc.)

Bug Fixes
- Level title overlap.
- Acidrain trap works when particles have been disabled.
- Many small fixes in the level editor.
- Moving platform removes a Doppel.
- Delta score indicator didn't handle ties correctly.

The LAN singleplayer co-op mode will work with all puzzles except for Quantum Loop puzzles. To enable co-op follow these steps:
1) First player loads a singleplayer puzzle from the world map and waits.
2) Additional players open the LAN server browser (Main Menu->Tournaments->Find Tournament, LAN) and joins the first player's server. When the server exits the level the additional players will be dropped and must rejoin when the next level starts.

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