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Saturday March 26th at noon (CST) and 8pm (CST) is a time to get Cloned.

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With the improved team-play tweaks included in v1.29 there is no better time to take part in the all-day Clones Multiplayer Jam this Saturday. We are targeting noon (CST) and 8pm (CST). Learn from the pros! School a noob! Everyone is welcome, just follow the easy steps below and you'll be spin-bombing and lop-spamming in no time.


If you already own a copy of Clones:

  1. Start Clones and click on "Tournaments" on the main menu.
  2. Click "Find Tournament" to browse active servers, or click "Host Tournament" to start your own server and wait for players to join.
  3. Enjoy!

If you do not own Clones:

  1. Check sanity.
  2. Click the "Clones Demo" link on the right to get access to the free demo, or make a leap of faith and buy the full game for only $10 here on Desura.
  3. Install the game and follow the steps above to join or start a server (note: the demo only has 4 maps, the full game has over 50, plus free user generated maps)

We plan to release a few new multiplayer maps for this event, and we encourage anyone who has created multiplayer maps in the level editor to either package them up and upload them to the site using the built-in package tool, OR simply host a server and your custom map will be automatically sent to players when they join your server!

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