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Tweaks to Sunset Harbor, the NuVO Zip as well as several other bug fixes and updates.

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Client Version 1.4.10

Today's update addresses various issues in client as well as some new stuff. We made a few changes to the NuVO Zip that should be both fun and functional. We tightened up vehicle handling to address issues with being able to skid out far too easily. We also added a brand new horn feature for the NuVO Zip. Pressing H (default) on your keyboard will now alert others nearby that you are the proud owner of NuVO's first vehicle with a resounding honk.

Various updates were done to Sunset Harbor such as pushing back the fog distance and increasing the visual range at which buildings and other structures can be seen.

There are a bunch of fixes and updates so take a look at the release notes below for the full list.

Release Notes


- Products that fail to load in an area are now automatically removed from the area so that the warning message will not appear the next time you enter the area

- Increased font size in tutorial windows in Tutorial Island

- Pushed fog back in Sunset Harbor for better visbility

- Increased distance at which Sunset Harbor buildings are still visible

- Camera rendering distance increased

- SSAO graphic effect no longer on by default for new users. If it is already on this update will not turn it off. To turn the effect off go to graphics settings -> Advanced.

- Adjusted distance at which car sounds are heard

- Added car honk ability. Default key is H to sound your horn when in your vehicle.

- Minor tweaks to vehicle handling to reduce unwanted sideways slipping when at faster speeds

[ Fixes ]

- Fixed issue with free products not loading in Tutorial Island section 3

- Driving animation shows correctly when entering a vehicle if in fly mode

- Additional fixes to address issue with avatar getting out of vehicle and falling through the ground

- Fixed issue with bridge in Sunset Harbor disspearing at too short of a range from the user

- Product scores now showing again in product card windows

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