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It's been a long time since we touched base but we are finally getting back on top of our ModDB page!

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NordInvasion has come a long way since our last post on here. It would be impossible for us to list everything that has changed in the game but I will try to make a brief overview of the more important and significant changes...

NordInvasion screenshots NordInvasion screenshots
NordInvasion screenshots

Client Release 0.4.9

New Features;

  • Hundreds (possibly thousands) of new items
  • 'Normal' and 'Hardmode' servers with tonnes of new enemies
  • Massive expansion in the coding to allow a far greater random chance in what waves you will face upon the field
  • Servers in Germany, France, Australia, and East and Central US
  • New troop classes to choose from
  • Support classes with barricades, medkits, explosive barrels and even tomes with the power to resurrect...
  • Unique maps never seen before in Warband
  • Lots of new crafting recipes
  • New house crafting for some of the best weapons in the game
  • New quests for both normal and hardmode
  • Custom banner packs
  • New animations
  • Beer!
  • And much, much more...

You can get the download here
You can find the latest patch notes here
Please join us and the community on our forums

The NI team


JUST GIVE 0.5.0 and you got my love!

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