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Just a summary of what kind of game it will be, when finished, from the player's perspective.

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So, the DB page for Kings & Heroes is now set up, and everything looks good. But one thing still needs to be done: explaining the game from the player's perspective.

So, K&H will be an Adventure RPG/JRPG, with major and minor decisions, character development, turn-based combat system and a living world.
Let's have a look at the detailed facts:


As any true RPG, this game will have tough decisions that you have to make, and they will never please everyone, just like real life. You might have to decide between killing a bandit or letting him go, and the choice you choose might stab you in the back in the future, but some of your companions might not like killing him. As I said, you will never please everyone.

Character Development

People change. It's a sad fact. And games make no difference (at least they shouldn't). People face something different every day, and sometimes those events will change their personalities forever. And K&H is no different. The protagonist starts from the bottom, and when climbing up to the top, you will see and do things that will change you/him.

Turn-based Combat

As much as I prefer fast-paced, action-packed fighting, I decided to let this game be a tribute to the old school fantasy games. The game will give you a chance to save anytime you want, because you never know when death might hit your flank.

The Realm

In the game, the realm is split to two pieces: Northern Kingdom and Southlands. North is the starting spot for the game, and majority of the game will be spent there. South, on the other hand, is much like Africa. The Northerners are racists when it comes to Southerners, and their hatred comes from the Second Earth War, which almost ended up in the destruction of the Northern Kingdom. The north remembers it, and is extremely careful with Southerners. As the king of north, King Aewyn the Brave is dead, Northerners live in fear of the south, which could invade north and take it over during its time of greatest despair.

But, I hope this cleared out any question you might have. Stay tuned, people!

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