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Hey. So, I've cleaned up the world a bit graphically, as well as added a new enemy.

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Hey. So, I've cleaned up the world a bit - lightened the grid a bit, fixed the corruption zones, etc. It's looking pretty good now. In addition, I've added a Tank - it fires a laser at the Player, when he's close enough (basically, if the Player's on screen).

The particles spawned on the focus point of the laser could be worked on, but the principle's there.

You can see more about this on my game development page at SolarLune Games.


Thanks for linking your screenshot to the larger version. I think ModDB should start failing news articles for this.

Nice looking game though. It reminds me of Darwinia a bit.

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SolarLune Author

Yeah, I played Darwinia - it was a cool game. You can't find anyone playing online anymore, but I liked the strategy + shooter mix-up. I think games are far better when it's harder to classify them into one genre.

You're welcome for the link, by the way.

EDIT: By linking the larger screenshot, you mean using a large picture in the article, but scaled down, right? I'm not exactly sure what you meant, and I want to avoid doing anything that ModDB may start failing. LOL

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feillyne Staff

Maybe a genre should be started specially for that purpose? ;-) Shooter strategy, strategic shooter, etc. If you can't classify it because of a lack of a proper genre, that means you need to create one for it. LOL.

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SolarLune Author

Heh, maybe I should. However, I think just being able to say 'Shooter with strategy elements', or 'Strategy game with shooter elements' would be enough.

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