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In preparation for finally going public with a demo, the team is working hard at trimming away some of the bugs and glitches and oddities still found in the game.

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So the demo level is pretty much finished. I'm talking about this thing we're going to send out to the press and a select few testers. And yet, we still have a TON of work to do before we can put it in anyone's hands. There's tons of BIG, OBVIOUS bugs, like the player disappearing through the ground when a tree is growing under him.


Not to mention jumping through objects, sliding through objects, etc. Fun stuff! But a relatively easy fix. We've also got some other relatively easy problems we are working on, like the fact that the game encounters an error during seed growth causing massive framerate drop.

Meanwhile, we're also working closely with ForteSounds this week to try to make sure that EVERY SINGLE action in the game gives some kind of audible feedback. This means adding three new fairy sounds, some new cloud sounds, some new casting sounds and more more more. I'm sorry to poor Forte but they promise me they're happy to do it.

Long story short- we are almost there! The game is effectively working, hobbling along on one crutch like poor old Tiny Tim, but working nonetheless! And, if I can say something like this without sounding arrogant, it feels good. I have fun playing it and its very pretty!

So what's left is to fix these bugs and add a few enhancement features and then add the boss to the end of the level and voila! Press time. Hopefully.

Also, in an effort to prepare ourselves for the kind of marketing we'll need to do in order to get noticed in this depressingly competitive niche, we're working on promo images and such. That means, first and foremost, FINALLY redoing our old logo to accommodate our now not-so-new-anymore name. I think the easiest route would be to just replace the old text and keep the image itself. That means it might end up looking something like this:

There's other art too. In the meantime, if there is ANY way you can help us spread the word, we would be MIGHTY appreciative! Thank you!!

Stay tuned!


Dude, you said in preparation for finally going PUBIC with a demo. LOL! I think you mean public.

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Decade_Design Author

YIKES good catch! Thanks!

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The seed growth issue might be due to scaling. I remember reading that scaling and Unity is a no no ... if you are using Unity's scaling to make the object bigger it has to re-allocate and re-draw the object every tick it gets bigger.

Solution to that would be to make a grow animation outside of Unity and implement it.

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Decade_Design Author

Oh geez. The slowdown definitely seems to be coming from some kind of exception, but I'm pretty sure we are using scaling. We better look into this.

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