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ClassiCube is a Minecraft Classic clone which runs on ClassicalSharp which was single-handely created by UnknownShadow200.

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Introducing ClassiCube, the new and improved version of Minecraft Classic.

Due to Minecraft Classic becoming outdated and shadowed by modern day Minecraft, a few developers took it upon themselves to revive the game and continue to update it and named the project "ClassiCube". This was soon abandoned however a new independent developer by the name of UnknownShadow200 revived the project and named it "ClassicalSharp" which is the new and official client for Minecraft Classic.

ClassiCube features various new features and enhancements such as customizable blocks, weather manipulation, the ability to change the skybox, fog, sun and shadow colour, free skins and plenty more! However if its nostalgia you're looking for you can try the Nostalgia Mode which gives you the authentic feel of Minecraft Classic.

ClassicalSharp features many of the retro gamemodes such as Lava Survival, Zombie Survival, Freebuild and Capture the Flag. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now on !

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