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HardQore is back in action and this time stomping a mudhole in the forces of Hell on Doom3.

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HardQore is back in action and ready to stomp a mud hole in some demon ass. We've changed our site's url, added a new moddb profile for the sequel, and added new sections to our main site about HQ2. We are going to try and make sure the moddb sister site is identical in amount of comment.

Development of HQ2 has gone great, and much smoother than the original's. We have finished everything for the mod except the levels. Considering this mod was started last month, & we are still working hard on the Ruiner mod at the same time, it was quite an achievement for our team. HQ2 is our 5th mod and like Ruiner, will be released this year.

Because development has gone so smooth, we are also looking into adding in a few more new features to mod. If & when they are finished, we'll let everybody know. The gameplay is feels solid enough that we will post tutorials upon release for creating custom levels for it.

The mod is on track for release late August 2009, right after the next trailer for Ruiner. This will be a 1 level demo to introduce players to HQ2. We will follow this release with map packs and content updates. Our development goal is to have the gameplay and all the technical parts done for the demo, and then release the levels as they are finished.

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