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Bad news - The production of ClassicCry has been terminated.

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The production of ClassicCry has been terminated. A 3DRealms moderator told me that I could not continue my work on MP-ComeGetSome. After this blow I looked around for more info on the original author of MP_Killbox and it turns out that there is a copyright on that too. It seems that there is no way to contact the author for permission, so I cannot work on that either.

Because the inability to re-create old maps defeats the entire purpose of the mod, it has been shut down. Thank you for all of your support.

To see more of what could have been:
Pic 1 (was to replace the ridiculously tall building from Duke3D without changing game play) -
Pic 2 (not finished, because development has stopped)


Too bad :(
U did all that work for nothing ;(

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That`s a sad news, it would be fun to play on those maps. ;[
Woolybear, are you going to start working on a new mod?

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Woolybear777 Author

I think that i will start something else. Either join an existing mod or start my own. I already have a few ideas.

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