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Today we are taking a look at the classical age Aztec minor Gods!

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Classical age Aztec gods!

Hello Folks!

Our last post depicted general features, units and buildings that will become available to the Aztecs in the second age. Now, before submitting the second age gameplay video we want to show the Aztec minor gods that will be available to the player in order to reach the classical age.

Just note that god powers are not enabled in the current game version, those we will do at the very end, and so for now you will only see the current god power ideas that these gods will eventually have. The god’s art shown is original art for this project and the final art that will be portrayed in-game.

marker Coyolxauhqui


Goddess of the moon and the Milky Way galaxy and sister of Huitzilopochtli and the Centzon Huitznahua. Coyolxahuqui is most famous for leading her 400 brothers to kill her mother after learning she was pregnant with Huitzilopochtli. In-game, Coyolxahuqui focuses on improvements that benefit your myth units; she is available to worshipers of Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca.

God Power:

Jaguar night: night falls and a group of fierce jaguars appears attacking nearby units.

Myth Unit:

huitznahua Huitznahua: Celestial warriors whose strength increases in larger numbers.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 9 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 45% / Pierce armor: 40%

Age: II / Cost: 96 gold 9 favor / HP: 200 / Speed: 3.90 /Trained: Temple

Huitznahua in game:



southernsstar Southern stars: upgrades huitznahua to centzon huitznahuac with more speed and hp

Moon cycles Moon cycles: Coyolxauhqui teaches the moon cycles reducing myth units favor cost.

celestial heart Celestial heart: increases the hit points of all myth units.

marker Huehueteotl


One of the oldest and most important deities of Mesoamerica, Huehueteotl was revered as the god of fire. Huehueteotl was also associated with purification, transformation, and regeneration. His improvements aid your economy, he is available through worshipping Huitzilopochtli and Quetzalcoatl.

God Power:

Hand of Xiuhtecutli Hand of Xiuhtecutli: target an area of the map, a circular firewall appears that heal allied units and damages enemies.

Myth Unit:

Yahui Yahui: Fire serpent that breathes fire and does high damage to buildings.

Population cost: 4 / Hack damage: 20 / crush damage: 4 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 40% / Pierce armor: 60%

Age: II / Cost: 250 food 20 favor / HP: 375 / Speed: 3.80 /Trained: Temple

Yahui in game:



sacredflames Sacred Flames: Upgrades Yahui into Sacred Yahui with higher resistance and siege attack.

goldsmith Goldsmith: increases gold mining gathering rate.

greatmarket Great Market: Improves markets and tianguis exchange rate.

newfireceremnoy New Fire Ceremony: slightly increases all food gathering rate.

marker Xolotl

Brother of Quetzalcoatl, god of knowledge and guider of souls. Xolotl was considered to be a friend of men as he provided them with the fire of wisdom. His improvements strengthen your warriors; he is available to worshipers of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca.

Xolotl art is not ready yet, but it will be soon!

God Power:

warriorsblessing Warrior Blessing: blesses a group of warriors upgrading their ranks.

Myth Unit:

ahuizotl Ahuizotl: amphibious monster dog which regenerates hit points.

Population cost: 3 / Hack damage: 15 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 55% / Pierce armor: 45%

Age: II / Cost: 215 wood 16 favor / HP: 400 / Speed: 4.30 /Trained: Temple and Dock

Ahuizotl in game:


axolotl Axolotl: aquatic support creature which can heal units but deals no damage.

Population cost: 1 / Hack damage: 0 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 25% / Pierce armor: 30%

Age: II / Cost: 100 food 9 favor / HP: 150 / Speed: 5.50 /Trained: Dock

Axolotl in game:



sacreddogs Sacred dogs: Xólotl reduces the cost of training Xoloitzcuintles and

Tepeyollotlspirit Tepeyollotl Spirit: the god of earthquakes grants his strength to your warriors increasing Youths’ Barracks units hit points.

mixcoatl arrow Mixcoatl arrows: the old god of war and hunt grants his arrows increasing archers and war canoes pierce damage.

marker What's next?

That's all for today's update, our next update will be video gameplay featuring the second age, we are close to complete it, however, we won’t give an estimated date because we don’t want to disappoint anyone. So just stay tuned until our next update.


~The Return of the Gods Team


Cool guys, keep up the great work

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Looks great so far! I love the Axolotls! 😻

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Gorgeous myth units and art!

Axolotls must be protected at all costs!

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