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Importing of older features that were in UDK to UE4, rebuilding assets.

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It's not been long since I announced the revival of the project so thought start with getting the classic camera system working. Currently I'm still working on completing the camera system to work better with controls but for now I'm mainly prototyping the technique and trying to make it work so that the camera is tied to player controls. At the moment it will be confusing for the average gamer so I'm hoping to look into sorting that out eventually.

The other thing that I'm looking into is getting modular maps to look natural, hoping to look more into that to help improve the look of the game. So I'll be looking at many video's relating to this.

Mainly focused heavily on getting modular maps, the camera system but at some point I may need a break from this, might end up mainly focusing on simpler things like basic assets, I've considered thinking about making something like a handgun, etc...

I've been thinking about is if I should look into Subspace Painter/Designer, I was thinking about it recently because it was on sale recently, a friend bought it recently and it got me wondering about if it might be worth investing since it might help the project. Either way I'll probably wait till the next sale before I think about it getting it.

Minor update: 2/8/17

Started working on human models so trying to get the hang of it, if I get something sorted then I may replace the default UE4 character with my own custom character. (Player character concept is still early stages)

Another minor update: 6/8/17
Started working on creating several doors, uvw mapping. Hopefully be able to use them with different textures so I can use them as often as possible across my game. I'm also looking into using modular parts like handles so not all door's will look the same. Hoping to have a bigger blog update referring to this sometime this month. I'm also experimenting with Material instances, hoping to get better results with textures.

1 more thing: I'm considering using Kinect 2.0 for motion capture at a later date because I'm not sure if manual animation would work right since it might end up looking stiff.

Extra note: I'm currently looking into playing the Resident Evil 3 PC to get an idea of how to progress with my project, also using the Restoration mod since it looks good.

3/9/17: (Minor update)

Not a lot to say at moment, mainly researching into making textures for things like humans so I can make different organic designs. I already have a 3d model of a Raptor but haven't got around to making a proper texture for it. I think at moment I just want to get a main character model in there and get a better understanding of how the animation system works before I make changes to the UE4 project. I think this will be my focus this month since month I'm pretty busy with other things that is taking up my time.

14/10/2017 (Minor update)
Looking into UE4 projects for fan made modes like the Re2 remakes maps like this:
Been looking into it, I think not making everything modular but making certain parts of the project modular. (example doors/windows)
The reason for this is because I want to make the environments look interesting, this will probably mean most rooms might not look too similar in design.

I'm also trying to make a female character model so I can replace the default UE4 model, hopefully be looking into better doors/triggers in UE4. I'm thinking of changing the design of the first floor of the Police Station because I'm trying to figure out ways to make the environment look interesting. Once I have a 3d character done then I'll be looking into making something like a pistol so I can use it with the character.

I might consider getting a big graphic tablet when the big holiday sales are on because I want to make concept design's for monsters, creatures since my ideas are mainly in the research phase at the moment.

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