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Wondering what the core of the mod will be like? What classes will be in this? What high-tech equipment can you use to blow up enemies? Will the bomb look like a waffle? All this is answered in today's news!

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What are the classes planned for this mod? - We have planned a Scout class who will have some dual pistols (Wu Tastic!), Scout armor (not visual armor, armor health!), fast speed, and maybe a spy cam. Also we have planned a Gunner Class, Assault Class, Heavy Gunner Class, and a Sniper Class, whos details shall be released later so stay tuned!


What weapons will be in this mod? - We are unsure at this point what weapons will be in this mod, but we do know that we will have a pistol, smoke grenade, claymore (unreal style), and more goodies! Dont forget all weapons for the classes will be customized to fit them. More details will be released as the mod progresses.


Where would we be without the bombs. The core, the jelly to our peanut butter, the Unreal Goodness to our mod! But what will we use? We will use the standard orb that was included in the Warfare gametype, but modified to fit our game. You will have to decide whether you go with A, or go with B. Then You will run up (or sneak!) to either the Target Area A or Target Area B with your bomb carrier teammate and help them plant the bomb and make sure their head doesn't get popped off.


Yup! Just about everything in this mod will be configurable. Dont like the 10 second bomb planting time? Set it to 100 seconds! Not like that round time? Change it to 20 minutes! Everything is up to you. We've planned a lot of things to be configurable, so you can change it to your liking Single Player, or for Server Hosts!

Keep watching for more news!

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