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Medieval characters can use magic now. Also, you can buy ally bosses to fight to giant enemy bosses.

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Version 0.5.4 has arrived! First magic spell has been added to medieval characters (only the crusader for now, Ricardo). This will give those characters a better use on ranged attacks.

As you can see, it is almost unlimited. Mana will be implemented on later versions, among with more spells.

Now you will be able to buy ally bosses to fight those giant enemy bosses out there:

Übertank (modern characters) - 8500 gold
Master of the Elements (medieval characters) - 7500 gold

Also, DirectX 12 and OpenGLCore support has been added to Windows Build. If your graphic card supports DirectX 12, the game should be running using this API. Sadly, I can’t test it since mine doesn’t fully support it.
The game should be running faster now. AI has been optimized!

The last but not the least, the UI store can be managed now using Fx keys, instead of the numeric keyboard. I got many emails from laptop users not being able to buy allies and stuff in game so I changed it!

Have fun!

Full version 0.5.4 changelog


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.5.3f1
  • Since Unity 5.5.0, OpenGL2 support has been dropped. OpenGL2 Linux version removed :(
  • Added DirectX12 and OpenGLCore support to Windows builds
  • UI store improved: now you don’t need to have a numeric keyboard
  • UI store: you can now customize the main store button
  • UI messages for picking up objects are now next to the cursor and bigger
  • Added fireball magic spell to medieval playable characters (the crusader)
  • New purchasable allies bosses: Übertank (modern characters) and Master of the Elements (medieval characters)
  • Updated several assets
  • AI wanders around if there is nothing to attack


  • Optimized AI CPU usage
  • Increased multithread support (experimental graphics jobs option enabled)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed UI position
  • Fixed pickup message when ammo is full
  • Fixed superweapons in Akihabara defense map
  • Fixed Cyclop boss attack on clients
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