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In this version medieval playable characters have been introduced. Now you can choose which game style suits you the best.

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Version 0.5.2 is finally here. You can now play as the Crusader: a medieval character. As a crusader, you can hire medieval allies and buy superweapons based on magic. Don’t miss the full changelog after the video!

There is still balance work to be done. The crusader is almost useless in deathmatch and against modern soldiers. In the other hand, they are highly effective against zombies, specially thanks to the sorcerer purchasable ally.
Magic will be added as ranged weapons in future releases.

Full version 0.5.2 changelog:


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.4.4f1
  • New medieval playable character: crusader
  • Introduced medieval playable characters:
    • They have more HP and can carry medieval weapons (melee and some range).
    • Can’t carry fireguns
    • Can hire medieval allies
    • Superweapons are based on magic
    • Instead of grenades they use potions. They explode on contact (no timer)
  • Overlord is now a purchasable character through the shop (only medieval characters)
  • New purchasable ally for medieval characters: sorcerer
  • New melee weapons: broadsword and longsword
  • New range weapon: crossbow
  • Flashlight key can be customized
  • All weapons, except primary weapons, can now be dropped (useful in online coop)
  • Changed several on screen pickup messages
  • Increased dragon (boss) bounty from 40 to 4000 $

Bug fixes

  • Fixed other players’ melee weapons floating on multiplayer
  • Fixed Classic Last Stand game mode not finishing at minute 10
  • Fixed dragon (boss) death animation
  • Fixed flashlight on multiplayer
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