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Clan Quest Mod for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines will soon be released with a number of new features, including integration with Unofficial Patch 6.5, and a new quest for all clans.

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It’s been awhile since I updated, but there’s still a lot of exciting
things going on with Clan Quest Mod. In fact, I’m planning on making a
third release within a month’s time.

The third release, 1.2, will include a number of new features:

1. A new quest!
This new quest won’t be quite as involved as involved as some of the
other clan quests, but it should give evil players an opportunity to
laugh maniacally and rub their hands together in a menacing nature.
The quests starts in the downtown and finishes in Hollywood.

2. Integration with UP 6.5
I went through the steps of manually merging the changes since 5.8
into 6.5, so now playing CQM will include all of the latest changes,
updates, and bug fixes to the game. Kudos to Wesp5 for all his hard
work keeping up with the unofficial patches.

3. Damsel, at long last
Finally, finally, finally I found a voice actress willing and able to
do Damsel’s lines. It’s not speculation this time either – I actually
have the finished sound files sitting in my email. Damsel’s dialog
will be updated with the finished voice work and animations. Should do
plenty to increase immersion in the Brujah quest.

4. Integration with Camarilla Edition 1.1
Another mod in works, Camarilla Edition, which adds a number of
different gameplay elements, will be added available as a fully
compatible addition to Clan Quest Mod. Just as you can choose to
install Arsenal mod alongside CQM, you will be able to choose to
simultaneously install this fun new mod.

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