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Today the 3.1.2 version patch for Clan Quest mod is released which provides a number of bug fixes and other improvements to the game.

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I'm happy to announce today the release of Clan Quest Mod patch 3.1.2. There hasn't been much fanfare about this small release, so you may be a bit surprised. That said, 3.1.2 brings a number of fixes and improvements to the mod and game, most notably is the re-introduction of Jane of the Toreador quest. With new writing and new voice acting, this character has been reinvigorated. Check out the preview clip below:

Many thanks to Arthur Chu for the writing and many, many thanks to Alice Bell and her amazing voice acting. Check her out on Twitter if you'd like to see what else she's up to.

There are a number of other fixes and improvements to CQM from this patch listed here:

The fix from 3.1.1: First and foremost, this patch includes the fix from 3.1.1 which fixes the problem with the Tremere quest, so there's no need to install BOTH patches on a fresh install.

Multiple Bug Fixes: There were a few issues with the achievements system that were evident if you had your heart set on getting them all. Those bugs have been worked out. The other notable issue many people had noticed was a discrepancy in the power up items that appeared in the Malk mansion and the ocean house hotel.

New and Improved Voice Acting: There's still a fair bit of amateur voice acting intermingled with the pros' work in CQM, but there were two voices in particular that really needed some TLC: Jane, seen in the clip above, and the punk-rock vampire that assails you at the end of the Kalliyan quest.

Better Compatibility: The system files from the latest version of the unofficial patch have been incorporated to make the game easier to run and more compatible with newer operating systems such as Windows 10.

These fixed and improvements will hopefully whet your appetite for Bloodlines as CQM 4.0 continues to be tirelessly (yet slowly) hammered out. You can also expect another update regarding version 4.0's status in the next week or so.


This looks promising! Downloading it right now, I guess I'll do a Toreador run then. =P

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I literally never finished testing it...mostly cause you never got back to me about something. Guessing I wasn't necessary was I?

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Some minor issues did remain in 3.1.2; Some of the python files, like achievements, have minor errors due misspelled words. In this case it was merely acheivements instead of achievements, and correcting it manually didn't take that much effort, nor any special IQ (even among non-programmers).

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