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Clan Quest Mod version 2.1 will be released two weeks from today, February 5th.

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This is the news update anyone that has been watching this mod has been waiting for. Barring any disasters, Clan Quest Mod 2.1 will be released February 5th , approximately two weeks from today. All the changes have been integrated, and the product has been tested thoroughly. It's always a tough call to make – exactly when the next edition will be released. However, you can only test software so much before you start to see diminishing returns on that time spent, and 2.1 has reached that destination. The only thing left to be done is to finish the documentation, which will also be available online in this and all future editions.

For those of you that haven't been paying very close attention, 2.1 will be adding another new quest, available to all clans, VV's dance, the achievement system, and bring CE and the unofficial patch up to date.

Finally, after the release of 2.1 expect to see a YouTube, "Let's Play..." series for Clan Quest Mod, to highlight the mod's features for people who prefer that as a vehicle for playing RPGs.

I hope everyone else is excited as I am!

johnyo - - 13 comments

Great news! I've been putting off my next playthrough for this.

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Tyrranus - - 243 comments

hot damn!

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JoshMILF - - 23 comments

These ARE the breasts I'm looking for.

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Meatpies - - 27 comments

YES thank you!

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SoniMax - - 157 comments

awesome sauce :D

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u1stplease - - 5 comments

Question! Can it be installed over earlier editions?

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burgermeister01 Author
burgermeister01 - - 580 comments

Interesting question. I don't think it would cause TOO many problems, but I would still strongly recommend against it. You'd basically be copying various games files over one another, so there's a good chance you could bugger a lot of things up. Also, your old saved games would be completely inoperable; old saved games don't recognize changes to the maps.

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