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CK2:AGOT has been released. Grab it on the download page and please don't forget to rate us.

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While the mod is still in a beta stage, we focused on polishing what we have to make it fully compatible with CK2 1.091

Windows Installer
CK2:AGOT - Windows Installer

Zipped File (Windows & Mac)
CK2:AGOT - Zipped File (Windows & Mac)


Main features:
- 1.091 compatibility.

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- Revised trial by court somewhat. They are now overseen by the Castellan. You can also now overturn their decision at the cost of tyranny.
- Added an event where the King on Iron Throne can demand exiled pretenders from his vassals who are harbouring them.
- Optimised event where a claimant to the Iron Throne is granted a claim on Kings Landing.

Character setup:
- Added more house traits for the character creator.
- The Starks, Robert and other people who were wronged by King Aerys now have the vengeance opinion of him, rather than being rivals.
- Lord Garin Wells no longer has two children called Eleanor.
- Lord Gerold Dayne no longer has two children called Arron.
- Fixed a Peake having a blank name.
- Richard Horpe’s Lord brother is now older than him rather than younger.
- Fixed Corliss Penny being a Wensington.
- Daenarys is now widowed from Drogo’s death.

Province and title setup:
- The New Gift is now called North Road before it becomes part of the Nightswatch.

- Added is_patrician = no to realm_decisions/tournaments.
- Added a 2 year cooldown on commanding vassals to stand down.
- If an unlanded character wins a siege their liege is now granted the prisoners gained.
- Removed the period events along with the -1000 fertility modifier for children.

Graphics and portraits:
- The overhaul for the Dynasty Coat of Arms is nearly finished.
- Gave Orys back his CoA.

- Moved some more dynasty trackr flags to be set in the history files.
- Blackwood/Bracken event is now on_birth.
- Tywin can no longer reforge Ice until the Starks are defeated.

- Added “is_alive = yes” to job martial / tutor children. In testing a dead child gained swordsman levels.
- If the Grandmaester successfully flees imprisonment he wont now simply be sent back again.
- Fixed bug where allies of victorious Kings in independence wars werent becoming their vassals.
- Removed WIP ‘gain crownlander vassal’ plot accidentally added to the build.
- Fixed the conditions to allow you to establish oldtown as your capital in The Conquest.
- Fixed vanilla pride event that referred to your Maester.
- Fulfilling the become spymaster ambition now improves your intrigue rather than stewardship.
- Fixed some bugs concerning secret bastards and Moon Tea mechanics.
- Your descendents will no longer be imprisoned if you win a siege where they are located.
- Fixed bug where you could execute your backed claimant if their relative was your enemy.
- Fixed problem where if you pressed all claims you wouldnt win claims that were owned by the enemy’s vassals.
- Greatly reduced the supply limit/attrition penalties for provinces dragons have been used in. This should prevent disappearing armies.
- Added some more checks to the ‘I am a prince’ event, so hopefully it shouldnt spam.
- The owner of Dawn can longer get the ‘obtain valyrian sword’ ambition.
- Added some checks to warden events, to stop inexplicable spam for Eddard.
- Fixed bug where if the leader of an indep faction died (causing the war to end inconclusively) anyone who delcared themself King wouldn’t be revassalised.
- Fixed the independent Vale bug.
- Fixed the Rose and the Lion event not working in ACoK.
- Fixed problem where Loras Tyrell wasn’t going back to Highgarden on Renly’s death in ACoK.


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