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MEP 0.1.5b has new features such as Aragorn/Arwen betrothal events and some major bug fixes.

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CK2: Middle Earth Project 0.1.5b Patch Release
Middle Earth Project 0.1.5b Full

New feature highlights:

  • Aragorn/Arwen betrothal events
  • Aragorn regnal name, Telcontar dynasty creation and heir events
  • Departure of ringbearers to Valinor events
  • Legolas/Gimli land grants after War of the Ring
  • Avari de jure kingdom in the east with new retinues
  • New Shire borders and Hobbit dynasties
  • Steward of Gondor will be granted the Princedom of Ithilien after Return of the King
0.1.5b Update Screenshots0.1.5b Update Screenshots
0.1.5b Update Screenshots0.1.5b Update Screenshots

The Fate of Aragorn
If Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor he will have a number of decisions to make. He can choose whether to change his name, change his dynasty and whether he wants to marry Arwen.
The High Kings often had regnal names differing from their birth names, and if you wish you can change your name from Aragorn to Elessar, Elfstone.
You also have a choice of breaking away from the House of Isildurionath and starting a new royal house, Telcontar, representing a new era for the rulers of Gondor.

Aragorn and Arwen

Both characters start with the trait Vow of Cerin Amroth, which means they cannot marry. They will be allowed to marry each other by a special event once Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor. The player can also break the vow once crowned by the same event if they want to marry someone else, or if Aragorn hasn't been crowned by a certain date (11380).
If the conditions are met and Aragorn marries Arwen, they will have children only by event, despite infertility traits. This means Arwen will give Aragorn four children as in the lore. All four children will get Blood of Numenor and Half-Elf traits, and their first born Eldarion will also have the Heir of Isildur trait.

Departure of Ringbearers to Valinor
Once Sauron is defeated the surviving Ringbearers (Bilbo, Frodo, Elrond, Galadriel and Gandalf) will receive an event, asking them if they want to leave Middle Earth. If they do, they will head to the Grey Havens and leave by ship for Valinor, leaving their holdings to their heirs, never to return. Once this event chain is completed, all rulers in Middle Earth will receive an event informing them of the departure of these characters, and the end of the Third Age.

The Death of Arwen
Once Aragorn dies, Arwen will loose her Elf trait, and with it her immortality. She will die soon after, due to her age.

Legolas and Gimli
Once Sauron is defeated, and providing Gimli and Legolas are alive, they will have a chance to be granted lands in Rohan and Gondor respectively.
Gimli will receive an event chain where he asks the King of Rohan for permission to colonise Aglarond, the Glittering Caves. If he does so, he will become King of Aglarond under Dain II of Durin's Folk.
Legolas will receive a similar event where he asks Aragorn for permission to settle Ithilien with elves, and become titular Lord of the Silvan Elves of Ithilien, under Gondor.
Once Aragorn dies, Legolas will receive an event where he can leave for Valinor, and can ask Gimli to come with him.

Several major bugs such as the empty portrait bug and problems with colonisation have also been fixed, full changelog included in download.

Isakl11 - - 16 comments

I had a problem as Aragorn, my children (From Arwen) apparently are not a part of my dynasty so when I die its game over.

But of course I love this mod.

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Lonhaldar - - 447 comments

Yeah, they're automatically from the Telcontar dynasty, so if you didn't changed your dynasty, there's an issue. It'll be fix in the next update, thanks for this report !

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CliviaChocolate - - 2 comments

Hey I found a bug, all elven children are born half-elves, even if both parents are elves.

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