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Want to find out how you can support us and get bonus content in Closed Beta? Check out our Steam-o-Meter!

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So, you may or may not have seen our Steam-o-meter appear on the site, or perhaps saw us mention it in the Closed Beta Dates announcement, or even stumbled across it after seeing it included in the “Support Us” drop down menu. (Or now, well, it’s also on the right side of our website pages, hah!) So what is it for?

Basically we’ve gotten a lot done for Closed Beta, and have certain projects that are semi done, planned for Open Beta. With enough support from Collaborator Packs and spreading the word, we will make an extra push to get more bonus content ready for Closed Beta instead. That, and, a few humiliations for some of the devs…

What kind of bonus content?

As the meter goes up and reaches a goal, we’ll put it in the game. We have stuff like a Marshpuggle pet, cutscenes, a steambike, and oh right, something a lot of you have been waiting for… Dwarves!

We also have some dev humiliations in there. Want us to force CoS_Gab to dress up as FemGab? Or CoS_Andrew to cosplay as Yunk? Of course you do! With enough of your support, we’ll make it happen!

Just head on over to the Steam-o-Meter page and check out what else could be in store for CBT!

So what can I do?

You can support us in several ways, each adding points on the meter. The best way to push that meter up is by getting a Collaborator Pack, which grants 1 point for each Electrum it contains. Purchasing Electrum separately also adds the same amount of points. You can also help without having to dish out cash, like registering on our website and signing up to our Newsletter (and get friends to do so too!), liking and sharing our page and posts on Facebook, following us on Twitter and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Points are added according to this table:

So what are you waiting for? Do your part to add points to the Steam-o-Meter, and reap the rewards in Closed Beta. Go on, get to it then! (You know you want that Steambike…)

To check out the Steam-o-Meter, click here!

- City of Steam Team

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