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Get a closer look at ratling animations... in Unity! Give us 100 Likes (shares count for 5 Likes) and we'll be happy to do more unity animations like this for you!

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This is a repost from City of Steam Art Dev Journal

Sing it with me: “Everybody was ratling fighting…!”

*ahem* Ok, enough of that.

As you all know, we are above making those stereotypical “Go in my cellar and kill 10 rats” quests in City of Steam. Yeah. Those tiny things hardly fight back anyway. We do, however, have something much more unique and refreshing: “Kill 10 Rat-lings”! Totally different! (Right KTR? *nudge nudge*)

Since we’ve got our Bestiary out now (and updating it weekly), we thought it might be fun to also share some of the mob animations in Unity. So of course, we’d choose ratlings for this. Why? Just look at how they move: (see the animations)

They have a bit of a boxer’s stance thing going on (or kung-fu even), and we absolutely love it. No really, just come by and ask one of us sometime (especially Brian or Andrew), you’ll get quite the…um, “interesting interpretive dance” of ratling movement.

So enjoy this close look at ratlings; usually, getting that close to one would cause it to attack you, so there’s not much time to “stop and smell the droppings” as the case would be. Perfect for those of you who get sucked into watching nature shows for hours on end.

It’s a bit busy and hectic around here, what with Beta coming along, but we still want to share and discuss stuff that interests you. So, in light of this, if we get 100 “Likes” on this article, we’d be more than happy to write about and show more of these mob “categories” in Unity like this (Facebook likes count too). If we get enough likes, well, next time maybe… Mechanthropes? Or Clockroaches even? Eh…? Eh…..? You know you want to. (Psst. Click that button…)

Comments? Think we should do something else next time? Thoughts are welcome in the Forum!

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