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With the new download you can now explore all of the city districts, including Praiosplatz, Grafenstadt, Ugdan Hafen, Fuhrmannsheim and the dwarven district. Additionally, the underground district Tiefenstadt is accessible from the dwarven district. You can also play now as a dwarf.

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It took some time to create the last two districts, Grafenstadt and Dwarven district, but finally i wasn't limited to the Ferdok template from Drakensang itself.

Grafenstadt is a very generic, town like district with the great market, the Rondra temple and the residence of Count Growin. The dwarven district is small on the outside, as there are only a few buildings, including a very unique fountain, rebuild by Mechanicus Graxosch.

Dwarven District part 1 Grafenstadt preview

He convinced the dwarven community that it's easier to cut your needed water into blocks and carry it on your back, instead of messing around with those old buckets, getting wet shoes all the time. The dwarves agreed, but mainly because they can now cool their ale and mead for free. So Graxosch converted the old fountain into an ice maker.

He was also responsible for the invention and creation of Tiefenstadt. As the dwarven community was rapidly growing, the dwarves began to dig into the ground in order to create more room for their buildings. This is what took so long to build since the last update. It's a complete underground city of 20 unique interior cells. The area is populated, the shops are set up, and the dwarves are happily dwelling their caves. Each of them has already set up their daily routine, their homes and working space. Some examples are a laboratory for Graxosch, the hall of the great forge, a sculptor, a painter, guards and many more. Some areas are inaccesibly locked, but those of you with a keen eye (and a torch) will find the keys. You can also try to steal them if you know who's living there.
The access to the dungeons of Fort Magia, Fort Sejanus, Fort Urasek and Nagastani has been restored and can now be found in Tiefenstadt 12.

Dwarven district part 2

I added the dwarven race in order to have a suitable kind of NPCs roaming around. As dwarves are a playable race in Drakensang, the race can be played. To keep it playable, regardless of the installed language, i added a door to the starting prison cell, which will ask you to choose your class and birthsign before going through, so you don't need the dialogue with the emperor. The mod uses strictly vanilla components so far, so other mods should be compatible, unless they add content to the region where Ferdok is located.

Testing and exploring:
It's recommended to start a new game in order to visit Ferdok, because it's still a dirty mod. Don't ruin a savegame you want to play further ;) Just start a new game, create your character and walk through the new door in the prison cell. You'll be teleported directly to Ferdok Fuhrmannsheim. I've added a chest with some very basic items directly in front of you, when you arrive. Look down, or you will trip over it ;) Fuhrmannsheim is the northeastern most district, connected to Ugdan Hafen and Praiosplatz. You'll find the districts Grafenstadt and Dwarven district in the southwestern part of the city. Tiefenstadt is located inside the big grey palace like building in the dwarven district.

Next development phase:
As Ferdok is now complete, i'll start on moving the districts to their own world space, before the areas are populated and their interiors are created. That will take some time, and the next update will probably contain only changes to the esp/esm structure.

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