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Another update! We edge closer and closer to release.

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Since I finished up my little Skyrim Aethernautics recovery project (which you might want to check out once it's since it's got a far bit of SSE homages and lore), work starts up once again on the Clockwork City. I suppose we could release it now, since that'd be a good sixty cells of clockwork dungeon puzzle solving but to hell with that, things have come too far for no quirky multi-dimensional city. So meet your SSE team, and what they've been doing
Saga has finished her work with the slums, and dear sweet Jesus do they look beautiful.
Gearmaster is almost done with his work on the Aboretum,
Swells is working on the temple district, as well as the several factions surrounding it.
I myself have finished the Residential District and Fyr Manor, leaving a total of around 2-3 districts left.
Alpharius has done some work on the main quests for each district, however...
HolyAtrymony has gone and wrote some books for placement, and will be joining other Clockwork City novels such as HOW 2 MOON (by Billy, age 6), and The Book of Guars. For the most part he has taken over as the main writer, and many quests will be overseen by him.
Knots has also been un-kidnapped by Iranian insurgents and is back, so hopefully he'll be able to help.
A good majority of NPCs are implemented, though no quests exist yet (plans are in though, and we estimate maybe 20-40 sidequests in all, ranging from small 'help me kill the mechanical rats in my mechanical pillow attic' tasks to big 'knock out a watchmen, take them apart and use their armor to infiltrate their headquarters' questlines) and NPCs lack the fabricant features such as removable soul batteries and similar, though this still means we edge every closer to release. We could still, again, always use some help with the last two districts. In the meantime, check out some of the new screenshots for the interiors we've been constructing.

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