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Circle of Eight releases a major upgrade to Hickory Branch, the completed user interface upgrades, and major upgrades to ToEE Front-End X.

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The Circle of Eight is pleased to present some substantial upgrades to new content, the user interface, and the front end in our version 7.9.0 releases. You can download the standard (left) and new content (right) versions below.

Circle of Eight Modpack 7.9.0 Circle of Eight Modpack 7.9.0 NC

NOTE: The system requirements and operation of TFE-X, the Co8 front end, have changed. Please see these special installation instructions on making sure that Co8 v7.9 gets up and running properly:


Hickory Branch


  • Upgraded front end to version 4, a full Java rewrite of ToEE Front-End X: correct cross-platform functionality on Windows, Linux, and other systems that support Oracle Java/OpenJDK and can run ToEE either natively or via API emulation (e.g. Wine); brand new responsive installation/deployment interface; improved support for saved games auto-backup/restore when changing modules; added support for new style portrait packs (.tpp add-on packages); improved stability and reliability; integrated auto-repair functionality that replaces TFE-X-repair and allows ToEE Front-End X to recover from certain scenarios caused by aggressive anti-virus software; added function to switch between the original RNG (Quick'n'Dirty) and the patch 2 RNG (Mersenne Twister).
  • Implemented second half of user interface overhaul: higher quality background textures on remaining interfaces and larger, more stylish Priory font.
  • Added widescreen and varying resolutions support for windowed mode.
  • Reverted animal companion behavior to vanilla functionality.
  • Added iconic pregenerated characters to Iron Man party pool.
  • Made it so that familiars can't be transferred.
  • Customized many long descriptions to use the greater space in the new description boxes.
  • Replaced many basic long descriptions for weapons.
  • Fixed bug with crafting spell requirements for Monk's Belt.
  • Fixed prices for Axiomatic Light Crossbow +1, Anarchic Light Crossbow +1, Holy Light Crossbow +1, Holy Heavy Crossbow +1, Unholy Light Crossbow +1, Unholy Heavy Crossbow +1, and Repeating Crossbow of Distance.
  • Gave black elevn chain unique inventory icon and meshes.
  • Removed rocks from hill giant inventories to prevent them switching to unarmed attacks after they run out.
Hickory Branch


  • Fixed issue with ghouls and viper not poisoning in the Moathouse.
  • Replaced all secret doors.
User Interface


  • Reworked exterior, cave, and crypt graphics for greater resolution.
  • Redesigned exterior map.
  • Overhauled story, tactics, and battle plans.
  • Upgraded difficulty and moved to Verbobonc chapter.
  • Applied script to approximate more appropriate CR and XP rewards for high level encounters.
User Interface


  • Added Mal NPC and Mal's Wares shop.
  • Added Knoll NPC and Knoll Brothers Bail Bonds shop.
  • Added Delilah and Donovan NPCs and 7 Elven shop.
Hickory Branch


  • Fixed bug where Wakefield would leave parties upon entering a building.
  • Added stone golems to Quarry.
  • Tweaked Quarry battles.
  • Applied script to approximate more appropriate CR and XP rewards for high level encounters.
Hickory Branch

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this edition of The Circle of Eight Modpack.

- The Circle of Eight Team


Great work as always!

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Awesome work guys, keep it up!

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You guys are still most awesome!!


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Amazing work guys!
Big thanks to all the people involved in the making of this amazing mod

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I have the 7.9 regular version mod installed am busy doing Hickory Branch. Will I still be able to use my current 7.9 regular saves if I update to the 7.9 NC version?

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Gaear Author

No, the standard and NC versions are not compatible. But if you're playing Hickory Branch, you're already playing the NC version.

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