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Circle of Eight releases third round of bug-fix updates for the 5.9 series modpacks, plus some additional new content.

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The latest installments of the 5.9 series modpacks are now available. Circle of Eight Modpacks 5.9.3 BETA and 5.9.3 NC BETA are patch releases in the form of new modpacks and contain optimization and bugfixes for the 5.9.0, 5.9.1, and 5.9.2 releases. Treat these releases as separate modules and install them accordingly (see installation instructions). These modpacks are not compatible with saves from the previous 5.9 series modpacks, since they are separate modules. You must start a new game after installation.

Verbobonc: City Hall Verbobonc: The Castle of the Lords



- Fixed bug where selling Lareth's items didn't trigger assassin.
- Fixed bug where Boatmen's Tavern would not repopulate after Lodriss and co. were sent outside to deal with Skole.
- Overhauled Lareth and troops battle scenario and made them reactive.
- Tweaked Lareth's prebuffing.
- Updated Lareth's spell selection to include Dispel Magic and Obscuring Mist.
- Improved Lareth's guards' AI to allow them to wake each other up if they're asleep.
- Fixed miss chance for partial and total concealment for Obscuring Mist and Fog Cloud.
- Fixed bug with spells Holy Word and Blasphemy killing foes that they shouldn't and not awarding XP for kills.
- Fixed miss chance percentage for Obscuring Mist and Fog Cloud.
- Entangle spell made to work only in outdoor maps that have any significant plant growth, as per rules.
- Added utility script to cycle through entire party to look for open inventory slot.
- Modified Kelno and Bugbear Chief dialogue and scripting to accomodate regroup scenarios.
- Updated various testing/scripting aids.
- Added Bearded Devil, Bralani, Chain Devil, Djinni, Janni, Lantern Archon, and Shadow Mastiff to Help file. Summon Monster I-VI monster descriptions are now complete, except for elementals.
- Added Help file spell entries for Acid Fog, Blasphemy, Delayed Blast Fireball, Mass Hold Person, Holy Sword, Insanity, Power Word: Blind, Tenser's Transformation, and Undeath to Death.
- Linked paladins to all their level 3 and 4 spells in Help file.
- Fixed typos in death knell and haste spell descriptions and precise shot feat description.
- Fixed price of repeating light crossbow and masterwork repeating light crossbow.
- Fixed orc prisoners giving you wrong townmap flags for location of stairs up and down on Temple Level 1.
- Removed DO NOT USE bullets (illegal protos) from Temple Level 2, Temple Tower, Waterside Hostel first floor, and Boatmen's Tavern.
- Added spell description for Acid Fog.
- Corrected values of Helm of Midnight, Robes of Midnight, Senshock's Robes, Masterwork Great Cleaver, Masterwork Heavy Saber, kama, masterwork kama, and Hedrack's armor and shield.
- Corrected values of Shields +1 to +5 and changed names to reflect whether they're wooden or steel.
- Fixed Ophelia dialog inconsistency regarding Jenelda/Riana quest.
- Fixed bug where Feldrin combat would not always stop properly when he starts dialog to surrender.
- Less Humble NPCs implemented for Furnok, Fruella, and Serena.
- Added long description for Antonio's mace and lamia figurine.
- Added generic ToEE inventory icon for items that don't have an icon.
- Fixed the following magic items being pre-identified: Rod of Smiting, Staff of Striking, Robes of Midnight, Helm of Midnight, Hedrack's boots, gloves, and helmet, silver breastplate +1, Staff of Fire, Staff of Frost, all elven chain, all headbands of intellect, and wakizashi +1.
- Fixed value and stats for kukri, masterwork kukri, and kukri +2.
- Fixed values of green, blue, and purple elven chain and flagged them as magical.
- Fixed damage listing in long description for bastard sword +1 and short sword +2.
- Fixed damage properties of Unholy Orc Double Axe +1.
- Removed extra bracers from Senshock's inventory in the Temple.
- Added memorized domain spells for Ashrem.
- Fixed long description damage listing for Hedrack's Greathammer and changed name to 'Greathammer.'
- Fixed long description damage listing for Moradin's Soul Hammer.
- Removed aura of courage feat from will-o'-wisps.
- Fixed long description for Scarab of Proof Against Poison.
- Added masterwork flail.
- Added new derivative portraits of balor, glabrezu, hezrou, and vrock for non-guardian versions.

Verbobonc: The Church of Pelor Verbobonc: Wharves

Welkwood Bog

- Made Mathel's personal inventory unavailable for looting later (NC modpack only).
- Increased Mathel's hit dice (NC modpack only).

Hickory Branch

- Made sneaking without detection possible again for Hickory Branch speaking NPCs (NC modpack only).

Arena of Heroes

- Fixed bug where Arena of Heroes Master would not award prize if talker's inventory was full (NC modpack only).
- Added additional dialog to Brother Smyth to direct players to read the Book of Heroes before moving on with new content (NC modpack only).

Moathouse Respawn

- Fixed Gnarley drow not having lootable armor (NC modpack only).
- Removed redundant Drow boots and gloves (NC modpack only).
- Lowered death counter in Moathouse Lareth and bugbear areas so that respawns fire reliably (NC modpack only).
- Made it so that respawn critters don't appear the moment conditions are satisfied (NC modpack only).
- Eliminated Gnarley Forest map travel loophole (NC modpack only).


- Added 12 new interior maps to Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Added additional derivative portraits for Drow (NC modpack only).
- Added six more reputations in Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Added 'Fear Of Ghosts' quest/plot to Castle of the Lords in Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Added 'Monster Mash' Pelor quest and scenario in Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Added new 'Eliminating Wilfrick' quest and scenario in Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Added conclusion to Lerrik scenario in Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Added park locations to the Verbobonc signpost (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug where there was sometimes no non-violent dialog option with Senshock in Verbobonc (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug where Lydia would mention Jenna's absence while she was not absent (NC modpack only).
- Bulletproofed Verbobonc attorney further so he won't appear in Watch Post lower floor if you aren't in jail (NC modpack only).
- Changed Darlia and Lerrick dialogs to look for party spot skill level instead of speaker's (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug where Darlia wouldn't take diamond from Dwarven jeweler from you (NC modpack only).
- Boosted levels of Scarlet Brotherhood and Hextorites (NC modpack only).
- Reworked assassination scenario at Welkwood Bog for Hextorite service (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug where killing Verbobonc guards at Welkwood Bog gave you Constable Killer rep (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug where Verbobonc guard corpses at Welkwood Bog would disappear (NC modpack only).
- Fixed magic missile damage for Welkwood Bog assassination mage casters (NC modpack only).
- Made it so that Prince Zook will give you the key to the gnome tunnels if Nybble isn't around (NC modpack only).
- Added an extra possibility for Zook to mention talking to Lerrick, which can lead to recruiting Corporal Holly (NC modpack only).
- Added an extra line of dialog to Captain Achan for if you already have all the fugitive info (NC modpack only).
- Added contingency scripting for bringing fugitives in unconscious (NC modpack only).
- Updated/tweaked Slavers scenario with more dynamic scripting (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug in Tarah's dialog for LE and CN parties (NC modpack only).
- Upgraded Slavers' weaponry (NC modpack only).
- Fixed bug where Slavers would not initiate dialog if party leader was sneaking (NC modpack only).
- Added a dialog out for avoiding Slavers' lengthy dialog and related character deaths (NC modpack only).

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