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Co8 releases new bug-fix updates for the 5.9 series modpacks.

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Circle of Eight Modpacks 5.9.1 BETA and 5.9.1 NC BETA are patch releases in the form of new modpacks and contain fixes for bugs found in the 5.9.0 releases. Treat these releases as separate modules and install them accordingly (see previous installation instructions). These modpacks are not compatible with saves from the 5.9.0 NC or 5.9.0 standard modpacks since they are separate modules. You must start a new game after installation.

Arena of Heroes Verbobonc: Civic Center



  • Fixed CR in all drow that was granting double XP
  • Silenced generic spawners on Moathouse Exterior and Moathouse Dungeon maps
  • Bulletproofed Preston Wetz dialog that may have caused crash when he talked to you about "men looking for you" in Nulb.
  • Added new separte portrait for flamebrothers
  • Added tip to Brother Smyth dialog to help avoid confusion about what to do regarding Arena of Heroes new content (or when to do it)
  • Fixed bug where Brother Smyth's chest would spawn before you had satisfied all the requirements to proceed to that NC chapter, which allowed you to advance the new content to the Moathouse Respawn stage without getting Hickory Branch first
  • Increased map limits on a few maps where high resolution 'screen-shake' or 'screen-jerk' was observed
  • Fixed ogre on Temple kevel 4 that did not KOS
  • Returned stairs passage to southern central area of Temple level 2 that leads up to Temple level 1, removed bronze door, and resectored to allow to move freely

Welkwood Bog

  • Fixed Captain Renton dialog so you can't enquire about Captain Asaph if Kwerd already told you about him
  • Made Captain Asaph's inventory non-transferrable
  • Restocked Mathel's chest with the proper treasure
  • Changed all maps to 'sleep-dangerous' (yellow tent) instead of 'sleep-pass-time-only' (clock)

Hickory Branch

  • Overhauled ogre shaman caster AI and spell selection
  • Prebuffed orc cave casters
  • Removed corrupt mobs near center of map that could cause save game corruption
  • Fixed bug where Hungous thought you left HB when you didn't and where the cave blockage would appear even though you hadn't left
  • Fixed silver sword of chaos long description proficiency mislabeling
  • Gave Hungous the correct key for the chest in his cave

Arena of Heroes

  • Fixed magic missile damage for undead casters
  • Made it so you can't sneak up on the Master of the Arena
  • Made it so the Master of the Arena will disappear if you attack him
  • Mobbed in the owlbear and hill giant encounters and gave them waypoints so they approach you

Moathouse Respawn

  • Overhauled dungeon witch's caster AI and spell selection
  • Overhauled Gnarley Forest drow caster AI and spell selection
  • Beefed up Gnarley Forest drow (leader L12, others L8)


  • Beefed up gnome tunnels drow (matriarch L14, others L10)
  • Overhauled drow spell selection and caster AI (much tougher!)
  • Fixed map transfer error from dragon young map to spawning spiders map
  • Fixed repeatable Wilfrick dialog that allowed you to get mutiple Verbobonc Watch uniforms
  • Fixed drow rogue inventory CTD
  • Fixed dialog bug where Captain Achan would offer you fugitive jobs if you had accepted the 'Removing Wilfrick' quest rather than the 'Frozen Assets' quest
  • Fixed dialog bug where Wilfrick would comment on white dragon when you told him you killed Darlia
  • Fixed drow rogue AI
  • Reworked/simplified Verbobonc surveillance scenario
  • Fixed bug where Verbobonc guards wouldn't confront you if you had killer reps of killed Wilfrick or Prince Zook IV
  • Made Verbobonc castle 'sleep-safe' (green tent)
  • Fixed bug where Captain Achan charged you for finding the fugitives instead of paying you
  • Fixed the white dragon's fear DC
  • Fixed bug where Wilfrick's sword was mislabeled as 'Ronald.'
  • Added guard dialog shortcut from Wilfrick's City Hall chambers to exterior map by signpost
  • Added an outcome for the Elysia bribery storyline
  • Fixed Wilfrick on/off variable/flag mixup
  • Bulletproofed fugitives' quests in their dialogs
  • Fixed bug where you could erroneously be given 'Removing Wilfrick' quest from Darlia and subsequently tell Wilfrick about it
  • Fixed bugs in Captain Achan's fugitives reward dialog
  • Removed clipping data from dragon young map that showed firepit outline
  • Made it so that you can't loot fugitives' inventories while they're in the party
  • Fixed bug where Scarlet Brotherhood would not attack you in Maroon Moon if you killed Darlia (they still won't attack on first floor - somebody's got to run the restaurant)
  • Beefed up slavers (L16 sorceress/4 fighter, L20 fighter, L18 fighter, L18 rogue, L18 cleric, L20 rogue, L18 barbarian), tweaked caster AI, prebuffed
  • Fixed bug where Senshock would not appear in Verbobonc after fleeing the Temple
  • Made Corporal Holly's inventory non-transferable while she's in the party

- The Circle of Eight team

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