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In this Tutorial ill tell you and show you how to install this mod, and most importantly what version of reshade that it uses.

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So in this Tutorial I will show you how to install my shader, which comes with re-shade 4.2.1 in the zipped file. re-shade itself is 100% safe and has never shown signs of being malware, People who claim to have been banned using re-shade either try to use un-authorized or self compiled versions that most anti-cheats do not recognize and will block, that or the developers have stated it is not allowed. With the crew 2 it is allowed both through Battleye and even Ivory Tower have stated that using it will not result in bans.

  • Download the shader found here
  • unzip the .zip file
  • move the files in the .zip into the game directory like this

Now you have to separately install reshade itself.

  • download the reshade 4.2.1 exe from here
  • run the .exe and select thecrew2.exe from your games directory folder like this
  • select dx 10/11 or whatever it shows for those 2
  • and then make sure only the shader in the folder is selected like this
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