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Cinematic Shader V2 coming soon with many improvements!

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Cinematic Shader V2 is coming soon with many improvements to rushed decisions, it will be better in many ways or something i really dont know. i dont have much else to say so.

Hold your hands so that they each make a froggy mouth, facing each other. One is Mr. Froaggy and the other is the lady froggy. Open and close their mouths for each part as you sing the song. When you sing "And their eyes went WOO, WOO, WOO", twirl your index fingers together to signify the froggies kissing.

"Gonk, gonk" said the little Mr. Froggy.
"Gonk, gonk" said the lady froggy, too.
"Gonk, gonk" said they both together.
And their eyes went WOO, WOO, WOO!
And they kissed each other, (kiss, kiss)
Just like little froggies do.
And he said, "Good-bye!"
And she said, "Oh, my!"
"Gonk, gonk (kiss, kiss)
I'm coming, too!

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