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Is not much news but the good thing it's that I get back to work :)

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This is the second article about the EC2013 EC v1.9.

Here you can see all changes that have been made it.


Half-Life 2(Launcher_EP0)

-Half-Life 2: Calamity (scene fix)

Half-Life 2: Episode One(Launcher_EP1)

-Short Missions
-1. Nova Prospekt Continued

-Local Motive (scene fix)

Half-Life 2: Episode Two(Launcher_EP2)

-Short Missions
-19. The Radiostation
-20. Overawe
-21. Diversion
-22. Dewdle
-23. Another Untold Story
-24. A Freeman Apart
-25. Hazard Trip
-26. Transmission
-27. Lost Journey
-28. Dysnomitude
-29. Disposal
-30. Drain
-31. High Wire
-32. Northern Face
-33. Outpost 57
-34. Retraction Valley
-35. Abyss

-Prospekt (scene fix, hand fix)
-Precinct 17 (scene fix)

******************* CHANGELIST ***********************

Version 1.9

1. 4 new mod added.
2. 18 new short mission added.
3. Antlions Everywhere updated from v1.1 to v1.2.(EP2:EC 37)
4. Realistic antlions skins added.
5. Hints fixed in Mission Improbable.(EP2:EC 1)
6. RPG world model fix and skin improvements.
7. Realistic Barancle skin added.
8. Fix for Gravity Gun world model added.
9.Glow-Mapped HP Items updated.
10.Sniper Rifle ammo rounds world model fixed.(EP2)
11.Outpost 16 sounds fixed.(EP2:EC 10)
12.Outpost 16 in game missing start message fixed.(EP2:EC 10)
13.Realistic Alyx Gun skin added and world model fixed.
14.Ironsight recalibrated for few weapons.
15.Dangerous World missing textures fixed.(EP2:EC 36)
16.Replaced Combine Pulse Rifle with an more realistic model.(EP1)
17.Realistic skin for SMG Ammo Box added.
18.Realistic Stalker skin added.
19.Missing textures caracter fixed for Ravenholm: The Lost Chapter (EP0:EC 3), Data Place (EP0:SM 1) and The Citizen Returns. (EP2:EC 19)
20.Title fixed. (EP1)
21.Missing texture fixed for Lambda Incursion. (EP1:EC 2)
22.A.I. Disabled bug fixed. FIXED FOR GOOD :) (Every single map of all extra chapters and short missions)
23.Advanced game launcher added.


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