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This 24th Devlog details various things that have not been explained since the alpha 0.4 demo, from damage numbers, new indicators, and a brand new mechanic: Traits.

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Hi. wltr3565 here. alpha 0.4 demo was out, and you guys must be wondering about the new things that have been implemented but are yet to be explained within the devlog. Well, here we go!

Firstly, have you guys noticed that her HUD circle can change color?

We have implemented a way to tell her actual willingness to do anything! When it’s green, she will not Skip anything at all. But yellow and red will tell you that she may Skip the activities. Make sure to keep her Discipline high!

Also, we have added colors to numbers in battle whenever they increase or decrease. It will help you to see if things are increasing or decreasing while in the heat of Battle.

Also, have you guys seen the Administration? Nope? Haven’t gone that far within the game, huh? We have made a lot of new backgrounds to make the scene there as great as it can be! Here is one of them:

Where is the rest? Well, we can’t show spoilers. So it will be best for you to play the alpha 0.4 now, don’t you think?

Not only that, we have done remaking the visuals of the Airbase and Business District. What do you guys think?

The new Airbase

The new Business District.

Remember about the Calendar and the dates that got marked? When you enter that day, you and she will do the Holiday instead. We intend to do more about it, but for now, they’re still glorified Rests.

Last but not least, we’re going to show you guys Traits.

As she gains Traits, she will gain many effects. It can affect many things. From her Activities, how much money she will gain, her health, and most importantly, how she will fight in Battles. For example, with the right Traits, it will be possible for her to have all of her Yellow Cards to be turned into Green Cards. You will want to gain as many Traits as possible, but some Traits may give undesirable effects, so keep an eye on what Traits you want her to have!

How to make her learn Traits, though? Simple! Raise her Skills! As she fills the Focus Tree, she will gain more Traits. There are other ways to gain new Traits, like her figure relative to her age, but most Traits will be gained by raising her Skills, which is done by having her participate in Activities. Make sure to keep track what she has become!

You can give her Traits not only from having her learn them. What she wears will determine the Traits she can use too. It does feel good to make her look as good as possible, but as a responsible parent, you will want her to be at her best when the situation calls. Of course, the effects of the Traits gained from Equipment will be gone when she doesn’t wear it anymore. Choose her attire wisely… When required.

That’s all we can tell for now. See you later!

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