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In our latest Patch, we have added a new hovercraft! Its name is Cicuma Pulsatrix and is a thing of beauty!

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We are so happy to present you Cicuma Pulsatrix. In fact we were so hyped ourselves that we started a Rave Party!!

Cicuma Pulsatrix is the medium-sized hovercraft from the Cicuma family. Pulsatrix is an all-purpose hovercraft with well-rounded properties but excels in Velocity and Skirmishing. Pulsatrix can summon Rocket from the sky and deal damage on to a targeted area, while blinding opponents and creating clones of itself before vanishing in thin air!

Cicuma Pulastrix Abilities:

1st Ability - Rocket Hail: Pulsatrix casts a rain of rockets that fall upon a targeted area damaging all enemies inside.

2nd Ability - Flash Bang: Pulsatrix overload all nearby enemies visual feedback blinding them for a period of time.

3rd Ability - Cicuma Puppeteer: Pulsatrix creates exact replicas of its own body at random locations in an area around it.

4th Ability - Cicuma Blend: Pulsatrix camouflages itself and blends in with the environment utilizing the nanites of its body.

We have prepared a few screenshots of Cicuma Pulsatrix while in-game along with its two Bodykits/Skins, Illuminator (yellow) and Crusader (red) as shown below:

Base Skin of Cicuma Pulsatrix:

Cicuma Pulsatrix Base Skin in Crash Force

Crusader Bodykit/Skin:

Cicuma Pulsatrix Crusader Skin Bodykit in Crash Force

Illuminator Bodykit/Skin:

Illuminator Skin of Cicuma Pulsatrix in Crash Force

And a few in-game screenshots of Cicuma Pulsatrixin Aquila Plains:

Cicuma Pulsatrix in game in Aquila Plains in Crash Force

Cicuma Pulsatrix in Aquila Plains in Crash Force

Cicuma Pulsatrix in Aquila Plains in Crash Force

Cicuma Pulsatrix in Aquila Plains in Crash Force

If you want to read more on our latest Patch click here!

Detailed description of abilities with more videos on each ability on our Wiki!

And as always, cool development videos and screenshots on our Facebook and Twitter!

We will be releasing similar articles on the new HUD, the two new Game modes (Capture The Capacitor and Shooting Range) and Cicuma Forest updates soon! Thank you for taking the time to read it!

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