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Version 0.3 includes a lot of fixed and necessary changes - Most stable build thus far

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Chronus Version 0.3

So after the release and patch of the serializer, I figured it'd be a good idea to catch up and fix a few bugs. I've also added full support for axes rebinding, which included moving them from the Unity keybindings axes into a new system. This means they'll get more support in the future for options. Anyway, full changelog is further down the post

Version 0.4
So for 0.4 I'm going to design the first pass of the AI system. Since the playerbase is rather small at the moment I figured it'd be best to complete singleplayer before adding support for multiplayer. Minor features like the full axis support mentioned above, more bug fixes and a rocket launcher will also be in Version 0.4


  Removed primary thruster input axis gravity
  Changed primary thruster input axis sensitivity to 0.5
  Changed color of speed label to a blue-ish tint.
  Camera now resets when you load a ship - This is a hack fix, will serialize camera transform in future version
  Significantly optimized setting parents when deserializing
  Added radial throttle UI
  Added support for axes in rebindable input manager
  Added "New Ship" button
Bug Fixes
  New primitives attached to the artificial center of mass will now disappear properly
  Fixed material scaling problem, where the side of a cube wouldn't get rendered.
  Fixed nullref caused by deleting profile, and then refreshing profile view.
  You'll now be prompted to create a new profile if you delete your last
  Pressing the cancel button when creating a new profile will actually close the window
  The preview cube when creating a new material will now properly change materials
  Special cubes no longer regenerate energy when not attached to ship
  You can no longer place cubes within each other
  Thrusters particles will now simulate properly
  RCS thrusters will now reduce angular velocity
  Large ships will no longer get skewed when deserializing
  Paint and delete cube will now scale according to lossyscale, rather than localscale.
  Ships will now deserailize cube rotation to rounded off value
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