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The new astonishing version Chronicles of Myrtana is finally out. The GothicTW Team wishes you a very nice experience with the new 2.1 version!

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The sweetest of all your presents has become true! Chronicles of Myrtana 2.1 is finally out!!!

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And now, to quote a shitty game of the TW franchise:


Will you be the most venerated saviour of the glorious Myrtanian Kingdom, or will you be his ultimate, merciless destroyer? The choice is yours!!!

Here you are the download link to MEGA:


After installing Chronicles of Myrtana, prior to start a new game YOU HAVE TO:

1) Go in data/text and delete all the files named "txt.strings" which are DATED 2017. They are 23 in total to delete, only two of them have to remain (the two which are not dated 2017).

2) Go in data/world/maps/base and delete the file "map.rwm".

After this procedure, you can finally start the game and play!!!


My special thanks and all recognition go to the VK Community which has been fantastic with me. In particular, I must give my special thanks to ROMAN, DMITRY and EVGENY.

Holy Crap, without you guys, all this would have been (as simple as that) IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! You've been FUCKING AMAZING!!! :D Thanks with all my heart!!!


FOR ALL PLAYERS, a special advice for you:

"REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST SLEEP AT NIGHT" - Night is for resting, not for playing!!!!!! xD


In case you appreciate the passion we put in this mod, please rate it and give us your comments/suggestions.

WE MUST INCREASE THE POPULARITY OF THIS AMBITIOUS MOD, which is still totally under-rated and its potential seems to be not fully understood at the moment.

Thanks from the GothicTW Team!


You guys rock! Ill try this as soon as i can. The only problem i ever had in the previous version was that every campaign picked some turn number and ctd every end-turn consistently. I hope i wont run into that problem with the new version. Otherwise i really love the mod, and the map especially.

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rafmc1989 Author

From my latest tests, I did not have one single crash for the first 50 turns or so. Then, I had to stop my last campaign as I'm already working for the later releases (we're putting new content) so I had to restart from the beginning due to the new changes in files.

I'm confident the game is pretty stable now! ;)

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9/10 imo.
Only thing i want to ask is why are the goblins so god damn strong on very hard difficulty,and i don't mean the human vs ai,i mean the ai vs ai battles.
Didn't play more than 3 hours but in that time goblins had 1/4 of map with stuff that shouldn't be theyrs,like silden or gilden + they were slowly advancing to vengard,this feels very akward.
As for the scripted stuff,i've only seen it for the nomads,pretty cool stuff with the fallen paladins you guys did there :D
Hope you take notice of this comment.

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rafmc1989 Author

Yeah, sure thanks for the comment!

The goblins have been further weakened in the upcoming release, essentially now they will be exactly like the slave faction: no money, no recruitment, no buildings. The same logic has been applied for the bandits faction as well...

So, now they'll be at your complete mercy ahaha! :D

Both of them, goblins and bandits start with many cities, but in 80-90 turns they already lose most of their territories (this has been tested on Chronicles of Myrtana 2.1.5, the version we released on our Russian community).

And for the scripted events, well there is still a lot you need to see in the campaign ahah.

Btw, yep, for the fallen paladins we followed the lore of Gothic 3 ;)

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