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The second batch of ModDB-exclusive pages of Christopher's Diary.

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19th of October 1842

When I accepted this job, I had not expected the work to be so foul! Earlier today, I
had to clean the animal pens. Why would anyone keep such a filthy creature?
Back in my town, no one would have even thought of having such filthy and
disgusting creatures! I do not mean to complain about such a wonderful new home
with such warmhearted people, but I wish only that I would not have to clean
the animal pens.

21st of October 1842

I was sweeping the hallway when I heard screams coming from the sewer. I heard
footsteps coming towards the door, so I hid. The man who came out was Lord
Morrington himself. After he left, I went over to the door to listen again. I
heard nothing but wails of pain and agony. What was in the sewers, and what did
it have to do with Lord Morrington?

22nd of October 1842

Apparently one of the servants had seen me listening to the screams in the sewers. He
asked me what I had done, and I did not know what to say. I only told him that
I had heard the sounds of water flowing. There is something odd about this
castle and its inhabitants, I just don’t know what. I kept asking myself ‘What
is in the sewers?’

Later today, I witnessed the same man talking to Lord Morrington. I couldn't understand it
all, but he had talked about me and my punishment. I then heard Lord Morrington
command him to throw me into the sewers and let me learn my lesson. Lord
Morrington also told him that I was valuable and to make sure I lived.

24th of October 1842

Today was my punishment day. I was thrown into the sewers and the door locked behind me. I
climbed onto some boxes and waited. About a half an hour into my time in the
sewers, I heard something splashing in the water. I threw a book into the water
and witnessed a terrible sight. The water itself came to where I had thrown the
book and stayed there.

After awhile, it went away, but I was careful not to alert it when my punishment was over with.

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