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The first four ModDB-exclusive pages of Christopher's Diary. Christopher's Diary will cover his first experiences at Castle Moriane up until December 21st 1842.

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12th of October 1842

Today, I began my travel to Castle Moriane to work for a man by the name of Aaron Morrington,
the ruler of Castle Moriane. He was as kind to offer me a position in the
castle as his personal assistant when he found me desperately looking for an
occupation. He offered me not only a career, but accommodations as well. The
trip will be a tough one, but my room is supposed to be fit for a king!

14th of October 1842

The travel has been difficult so far. I am hungry and cold. I write this when the moon has
ascended halfway into the night sky. I managed to set up a campfire to keep
myself warm temporarily. I am nearly at the castle, though. By sundown
tomorrow, I may have made my way to Castle Moriane!

15th of October 1842

I have made it. The other servants and even Lord Aaron himself gave me a wholehearted
welcome to my new home. I myself couldn’t have been more elated to get there, and
ate myself to my heart’s content. I will have my tour of Castle Moriane
tomorrow. But for now, I will rest.

16th of October 1842

One of my fellow servants is currently showing me the west wing of the castle. I have
already seen the dungeons and the sewers. However, the servant who is showing
me around told me never to go into the sewers again unless escape was urgent.
What could be down there? I had best not think too much about it. Besides, I
have a whole castle to tend to, and no time to worry myself with such trivial

NOTE: The reason I skipped a day between the 12th and the 14th is just to give the feel that Christopher didn't have enough time to write on the 13th and so on and so forth.

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