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Merry christmas! Demo is nearing completion and should be out before years end.

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Hello! it's win again. As of now, it's christmas!

So, for christmas I'm going to show you guys some WIP content for the demo that's coming soon.

Before I show the content, I'm just gonna talk a little about how the mod is going in general.

So far, the first chapter is almost done, the second is going to be worked on after the demo comes out. The rest have had some work on them but mostly everything after the forest segment in chapter 3 has been untouched. The chapter 2/3 maps just need detailing and some work on them, the chapter 4/5 maps need to be made and the story needs to be somehow put into the game. At this point, I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to do this, the game is aiming for a 1 hour rough play time and I just don't think that it's enough for the story I want to be able to tell. So possibly, the game might have more than 6 chapters. But nothing is certain.

Now, about custom content. I'm aiming for this mod to have mostly custom models, textures and sounds. We'll have to see how much I can do for the demo but for the main game, by the end of development it should be mostly or entirely custom.

Now, about that WIP content?


(custom pillow model, also used for the blanket.)


(koit's apartment)


(the rest of the apartment koit lives in, you enter that elevator to get to the parking garage)


(new shotgun model, the KS-23)


(garbage prop models)

Glock anims

(Glock anims, very early WIP)

And that's it. I'm not going to show anymore, so you can see it yourself once content comes out!

Once again, merry christmas!

christmas tree half life

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