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Just an update to make sure you guys know we're still alive and some answers on whether its going to PS3 or not....

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Well, at the moment we working hard to get the mod onto its feet. We have made quite a bit of progress, having now ironed out the classes available to the character, expect some more news on this very soon!


We have cleaned up and modified the reload system (Thanks to AceCutter69's fantastic tutorial). Also the M134 Minigun model is ingame and available to the T-600 fire support class. It may also be mounted on resistance vehicles. We've also done lots of other changes and additions.

What the hell was that video about?

I also think I should clear up what was shown in the video we posted a while back. I watched it recently and I realized I wasn't really telling you what was being shown.

Towards the end when the player moves at high speed and the camera zooms a little, thats the player sprinting. So far whilst sprinting the player cannot aim or shoot. When the crosshair appears and it zooms in thats the player aiming, whilst doing this the accuracy greatly increases and obviously you have a crosshair. I think the rest was pretty self explanatory on what we were showing, the different kinds of guns.

There is also some confusion to the video I must confess. That is the Human weapons being demonstrated, we have not shown anything regarding the machines yet. Right now the mod doesn't assign model by team so it just gives the player a random model, which sucks because in the video it made me look like a T-800. I plan to fix this when I find out what is causing it.

What were those funny numbers in the left-top corner?

We are also talking about what the HUD should look like, right now its using the default UT3 one (cleaned up recently, in the video its all over the place.). We are looking at doing something in a similar style to Killzone 2's hud. Nothing too bright or bold like UT's, so that the player can see what their doing.

The numbers in the corner were the amount of round you have left btw, I couldn't think of a better name for this section. They have been moved to sit next to the ammo counter for now.

PS3 Mod?

Regarding the PS3, if it is possible then we will try to release a PS3 version of the mod. UT3 on PS3 isn't exactly easy to work with, and I myself do not have a PS3 to test it on. However, one of our moddelers does. Anyway, if anyone knows anything about cooking gametypes and / or total conversions to PS3 please post in this thread here or send me a PM.

What we need!

We are in desperate need of some kind of Texture or 2d artist. We have modellers but lack anyone to make the models look right. If your interested and are good at making weapon textures etc please send me a pm or post in our thread at EPIC Games Forum.

In fact, any kind of artist is welcome, we need lots of new images to help our mod, we in fact have no proper logo or banner at all, which is quite demoralizing is some respects!

Will we get a release this side of New Year?

No, I can say with almost certainty that there will not be a realize this year. We need to add a lot more content before we would consider something like that, right now we only have a few untextured weapons in game so it looks a lot like UT3 but with different gameplay.

If anyone has any questions please post them in the comments section for this news article and I'll try and get back to you.

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