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Procrastination is the key to entering into Development Hell

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Well i've gotten to the point now where I'm getting bored, and when that happens, I either force my way through and have fun down the line, or cancel everything i've worked on. I'm opting for the latter, but i'm still struggling to find time, what with The Oddboxx coming out a few days ago, Christmas and whatnot. I'm counting this as my break season x3

On a plus note, I have found a voice actor (or rather, he found me). Vance Elderkin, a professional voice actor who is looking to get into this field of work, and willing to work for the pennies that I have. You can find him here: He isn't quite what I originally imagined (i was actually thinking more like Wardrox from NukeZilla xD), but after hearing his voice I think it has a certain trusting quality to it that should work nicely for The Escapist.

I'm still looking for someone to help out with a Player Model (so far I've gotten Male_07 in the T pose with a Portal Gun through his pelvis), and some other bits that would be nice to have, though not nessesary. I'm working on possibly replacing all the textures in the game, but that could take a very long time and I'd rather get everything playable before I mess around with making the game independent (apart from the engine, obviously!)

Anyway, see you all in the new year. My resolution is to get this finished by September! (I bet it won't happen xP)

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