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Praetorian Defiance Website finally published!!!

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So, in case you haven't noticed, which I'm sure you have, up until today Praetorian Defiance did not have an official website. (I know, crazy right) How could a web based video game project NOT have a website.... Well it's actually kinda easy, you just spend all your time working on the game. ;) But seriously, that has been a huge gap in our project which, thanks to our great web designer Nick, is now filled. Not that ModDB isn't a GREAT community to publish info but it was time to get serious about our web presence. On the new site you'll notice there are two sides. One for those inclined to join the resistance and another for those who desire intergalactic conquest with the OER. More on this to come!

Not only have we be working on our public web face, but we have also totally overhauled our online coordination systems for developers as well as published many standardized work flows and coordinating instructions.

Hopefully all this will get the ball moving even faster on our project!

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