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For this week's spotlight, we have Chlorine. Don't worry, we will post a solid character next week, I promise!

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Chlorine Element Spotlight

Cl splash

Chlorine is a gas element with the potential to deal lot of poison damage. He doesn’t have a lot of health or defense, so he usually takes his opponents out from a safe distance.

He is able to slow and disable enemies, which can be very useful for supporting or deadly when ganking.

Damage Type: Gas Attack Type: Ranged Roles: Nuker, Disable


special liquid (Element Property) Chlorine Poisoning

All attacks against chlorine slow the attacker’s movement by 5% for 2 seconds

irritating agent (Active) Irritating Agent

Chlorine infuses a shot with an irritating compound, dealing bonus damage and blinding for a short duration. Applies 4 chloride stacks to the target.

Chloric explosion (Active) Chloric Explosion

Removes all chloride stacks on all enemies. Deals gas damage for each chloride stack removed.

ChlorideCoated (Passive) Chloride Coating

Each basic attack that chlorine does puts 1 chloride stack on the target, as well as poisoning them for 2 seconds.

Poisonous gas (Active) Poisonous Gas

Consumes unused Cl atoms. Launches an explosive projectile to the target area. explodes in a cloud and applies poison as well as 2 chloride stacks in the affected area lasting X seconds (X is the number of consumed CL atoms).

Character Overview

Chlorine is a slightly crazy, very excitable, and incredibly curious chemist. He finds things like explosions and death fascinating, and, as a result, appears very removed from reality. He also likes dark humor and relaxing on the beach.

Real World Information

Chlorine is best known for its parts in two very different household items: table salt and bleach. While it usually has a distinct yellow-green color, it loses it in most compounds.

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