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Hello again Wastelanders! Another Quick Update to let you know what's what.

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I have made a lot of progrss in the last week, knocking out several jobs that have been mocking me for some time and I am now down to just two and a half jobs before the final patch is a go.

That is the good news, here comes the not so good news.

My magnificent Story Event System Prototype has revealed a major and troubling floor, which is... It doesn't actually work..

I have discovered that the Event Trigger tags don't seem to work.. or at least have a very limited function (prereqevent).

It's current limits are very important and damaging to the concept.

It only works on the turn directly after the prereqevent... At least this seems to be the case in my tests.

Which means at the moment I can program a cause and effect, but not another cause unless that cause happens the turn directly after the result of the previous event.

Which as you can imagine makes making far flung consequences to a previous action impossible to code.

So, unless I can entice somebody clever to help me further understand and potentially fix this problem, my Story Event Concept will not work... (It would have been nice to know this BEFORE I spent days/weeks/months making it!!!)

So the 2 and a half jobs left to do are:

1 and a half: fixing the prereq event issue and fixing the stats of all objects connected to the first story event (obviously there is no point doing the half if I cannot fix the 1)

2: Adding all the extra bonus resource effects to the buildings. I had someone offer to work on this, but I have not heard from them in over a week so I don't know if it will pop up and be almost done, or if it will require me to do the task from scratch myself.. I am going to wait a couple of weeks and see if I hear anything.

If I get the energy to hook up my old hard drive back into my computer (the cable I bought has been sitting and mocking me for a week or two!) then I may releases Patch 2 when I find it on my HD (I forgot to copy it across to my external HD, like a pro!) and bundle up the last few things into a Patch 3 which will be the final patch making A5 complete!


Stay hydrated out there Wastelanders!

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