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The Chinese Rebel army are a small high tech army they may not have a wide range of units but their pretty strong.

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Power Plant: Smallreactors used to power the chinese rebel army's base

Refinery Drill: The building does not need to be placed right beside the mine it has a radius and if the mine is in its radius a miner will keep collecting and will automatticly pump money into your resourcesevery 5seconds

Barracks: Trains Chinese Infantry

Vehicle Consturtion Yard: Construct Chinese Vehicles

Naval Docks: Consturcts Naval Vehicles

Air Base: Constructs Chinese Infantry

Air Pad: If you have used up your space on your air base build these to get extra spaces


Minigunner: Cost 225 This is no minigunner unit like anyother this unit has a special weapon of a laser machine gun that can rip tanks apart when in big groups

Engineer: The same as all engineers


Laser Buggy: cost 750 the laser buggy can shoot trough walls and esaily take out light and med tanks when in groups 0f 3s

Light Tank: cost 500 the light Tank isnt very effective on their own but when bunched up in 7s-20s they are nearly unstopably unless u they have 7-20 med tanks

Med Tank: cost 750 the med tank is effective against armour units and buildings

Heavy Tank: cost 1500 the heavy tank is not as strong as a apoc tank but is still very effective against everyting with a machine gun the heavy tank is pretty much "the" anti-ground unit

APC: Cost 1500 the APC can change to its special fly ability and zoom away the ability only last for 30seconds so you better hurry up! also amphibious and can hold 10 units and the units can fire out of it

AA tank: Cost 600 the anti air unit for the chinese rebel army

Naval Units:

AA Tank: Same as above

APC: Same as aove

Air Units:

AA Planes: small planes loaded with AA rockets

Laser Copter: Helicopter packed with weapons

Lasher Bomber: the lasher bomber drops small bomb under the ground and when unit drive or walk over it a giant explosion will destroy anything caught in the explosion

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