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After a month's "Rushing Developing", CHetauGet has been released now!

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After a month's "Rushing Developing", I finally got a satisfied version, and have already put it on Google Play.
"The last day of July in 2015", I like this date. Cheesy

Basic Mechanic

I haven't update this blog for about two weeks, that's because I've been dealing with some UI, some particle systems, essentially for game, but nothing interesting to post. Anyway, I've done it!
This is the first seriously-making game of mine. But weird, I didn't feel great satisfied about the goal's achieving. Maybe because my interest has already moved away. In the past month, while I was making an end to CHetauGet, I often thought about what my next game would be. I'm now really interesting in making a 3D third-person view open world exploring game. I know it's a big jumping from a small mobile game like CHetauGet to a 3D open world game. But every game starts from a big idea, and ends with a relatively small scope, isn't it? Wink

Sreenshots Sreenshots Sreenshots

I downloaded CHetauGet from Google Play this morning, and played for a while, and found it much more interesting than everytime I played before. Weird. After hundreds of hours playing/testing, I thought it would never excited me again. However this is so great. I love making games, can't wait to start again. And oh, of course, I will keep a slow pace on updating CHetauGet, add some new features, fix some bugs, something like that. And more regularly, keep releasing new Stage QR Code on my blog. I haven't mention that yet, QR Code scanning is a new feature I added to CHetauGet last week. CHetauGet has 452 build-in stages, and it can get new stages simply through a QR code scanning instead of updating the whole app. I think that's convenient.

Lastly, wish you enjoy. All feedback are welcome. Thank you!

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